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Due to maintenance cost of the TCERT site as well as the need for new review modules, a subscription price will be charged for access. The cost of the subscription is $30. This will allow you 60 days of access to the complete site. If you would like to subscribe, please fill out the form below:
This site contains the following review modules for the TExES exams:

Math 4-8 (115)
Math 7-12 (235)
Special Education EC-12 (161)
Science 4-8 (116)
Science 7-12 (236)
EC-12 PPR (160)
English as a Second Language (154)
Social Studies 7-12 (232)

    Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT)-Spanish (190)
  • Domain 1: Listening Comprehension
  • Domain 2: Reading Comprehension
  • Domain 3: Oral Expression
  • Domain 4: Written Expression
    Core Subjects EC-6 (291)
  • English Language Arts/Reading EC-6
  • Math EC-6
  • Social Studies EC-6
  • Science EC-6
  • Fine Arts, Health & PE EC-6
    Principal (068)
  • Domain 1 School Community Leadership
  • Domain 2 Instructional Leadership
  • Domain 3 Administrative Leadership
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