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T-CERT has been created to help teacher candidates, novice teachers and experienced teacher pass TExES (Texas Examination of Educator Standards) exams. The Texas A&M University System provided this test preparation site.

Your home page has three sections: Quick Links, News & Events, and My Modules.

  • Quick Links: provides you with quick access to the list of modules available, your profile, the Texas Education Agency website and how to contact us.
  • News & Events: provides dates for the paper-based TExES exam as well as any news regarding the site.
  • My Modules: This will show you the list of modules you selected to review plus your status on each section of the module. The first time you access T-CERT, no modules will be listed. You must go to "Add/Delete Modules" under the Quick Links section and check the modules you would like to review. Once you select the modules and return to the home page, you will see those modules listed. For example, if you had selected both Math 4-8 and Science 4-8 to review you will see them listed under My Modules.

To access a module, click the title under My Modules on the home page. Each module contains the sections listed below which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding tab on the right side of the module page.

  • Documents & Handouts: These are supporting documents that may be needed for the presentations, and videos.
  • Presentation: This is a review for each subject area with practice test questions for each competency.
  • Video: This is a video review session presented by a subject matter expert.
  • Practice Questions: A practice quiz over the content covered in the presentation is available.
  • Certificate: Certificates are available for you to print once you have completed all sections (Presentation, Video, and Quiz) of the review module.

If at any time you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at pact@tarleton.edu.

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